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title: Contribute to funkwhale development

Funkwhale is a community project run by volunteers. There are many ways to help
 the project, regardless of your skills, wealth or available free time.

## Get in touch

We love hearing your feedback and questions, and this is the most simple yet
effective thing you can do to help us. Reach us on the following platforms:

- Matrix: [](
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- Mastodon (official account): [](
- Mastodon (maintainer's account): [](
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- Email:

## Use funkwhale and report bugs

By simply using funkwhale and [report bugs]( you encounter, you can also help
us improve the quality of the project for all its users.

This is quite easy to do, and do not require any technical knowledge. When
you think there is a problem, simply share it with us, give us some context
and we'll fix it.

## Hack the software

Funkwhale is built on top of free and open-source technologies, which means
anyone may look at the source code, modify it's behaviour, fix bugs.

At the moment, all the development is handled by a single person which is not
sustainable, of course. Therefore, we're looking for new contributors to make
funkwhale a community project and allow us to move faster.

We're working with interesting technologies such as Docker, Python, Django,
 Channels, Websocket, Javascript, Semantic UI and Vue JS.
 There are a lot of small issues you can start with, and also many learning opportunities.

We're also eager to get more UX/UI design skills in the team to improve
the quality of our front-end application from a user perspective.

If you're even remotely interested in contributing code to the project, don't
hesitate to ask questions. We'll find something interesting for you, and useful for the project.

## Host a funkwhale instance

By hosting a funkwhale instance, you can help us increase the size of the
community which will, in turn, attract more contributors. As more instances
will open, we'll have more opportunities to detect bugs and improve the
stability of the project.

It's also a great way to discover new music and meet people ;)

## Talk about it

As a quite young project, funkwhale really needs some visibility. Sharing it
(responsibly) with other people will also help us bring fresh blood in the
community, regardless of the medium or format you chose.

## Contribute financially

You can give money to the project on those platforms:

- [Liberapay](
- Duniter: we accept Ğ1 donations on our wallet [7f9rNMjdg9x4WHKNBzCWCQ42xm2iFQdvLr5oX2rHYEKK](

While we have no fixed goals yet, donations will make it possible for
contributors to dedicate more time for the project and get paid for their work.