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There are not many resources available out there that introduce Git, GitHub, commits, branching, versioning, forks, pull requests and other development-related jargon to non-technical audience.
This post is an attempt to help with that. **It's published under a [CC-0 licence]( and you are welcome to share it, translate it and reuse it for your own needs**.
[A french version of this entry is also available on this blog.](/blog/2019/03/08/construire-logiciel-ensemble-git/)
Many thanks to [@Ginny]( for the original idea, [@Hush]( for proofreading, and [all the people who helped with the redaction by sharing feedback!](
......@@ -17,6 +19,7 @@ Other resources you may want to check:
- [Git Novice]( a step-by-step, beginner-friendly guide explaining how to use git
## How do we collaborate on software?
**Like most projects, successful software projects work best when multiple people can work on different tasks in parallel.** In a tyical organization, you expect accountants, managers, secretaries, salesfolks, and in fact everyone to work on their own tasks, seamlessly, at the same time.
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